America's Golf Trail

About America's Golf Trail

America's Golf Trail is an exciting and innovative new way for golfers to discover, explore, and affordably play 500 of the top-tier public-access golf courses in the U.S.

The Trail was conceived and designed to elevate the exceptional American public-access courses that are typically just off the various Top 100 lists curated by different golf publications. The Trail’s founders believe that thousands of courses worthy of praise don’t get the attention they deserve, so they devised a way for golfers to discover, play, and share these gems with fellow golf enthusiasts.

A Selection Committee of over 150 PGA teaching pros and industry insiders (Directors of Golf, Course Superintendents, etc.) were asked to nominate the courses they believe deliver a superior all-around experience for golfers of all abilities. Each element that contributes to an “all-time memorable” round were considered: course layout and routing; visual aesthetic; conditioning; staff; practice facilities; and clubhouse and associated amenities. When the nominations were tallied, the top 500 courses emerged, with multiple representatives in all 50 states.

America's Golf Trail is your definitive guide to those 500 courses

How It Works


Browse the courses on the award-winning iOS or Android mobile app, or here on the AGT site. You can search our Member Courses using any number of criteria, including by name, city, course type, region, or proximity to your current location.


Each course has dozens of beautiful photos and accompanying in-depth information about every aspect of the facility, including hole diagrams, routing maps, scorecards, reviews, and ratings of every aspect of the experience, including course layout and conditioning, clubhouse, practice facilities, and food and beverage amenities.


America's Golf Trail Members enjoy an average of 25% off any round any day, any time, and any season a Trail course is open. Simply show your AGT Member Card on your mobile phone when you check in at the pro shop to receive your special pricing.


Your progress along the main Trail is automatically recorded after you complete each round. You can see your position on the national leaderboards, or you can enjoy your own private boards and progress tracking among a group of friends.


We know that playing all 500 America's Golf Trail courses is a big undertaking, so we also track your progress as you complete any of the state Sub-Trails (each state has its own Sub-Trail) or any of the 15 Regional Sub-Trails (Pacific Northwest Sub-Trail, Gulf of Mexico Sub-Trail, Rocky Mountain Sub-Trail, etc.) and reward you for achieving those major milestones! In addition to receiving high-profile kudos on our leaderboards, you may also find cool congratulatory gifts showing up in your mailbox...

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