America's Golf Trail is an exciting and innovative new way for golfers to discover, explore, and affordably play 500 of the top-tier public-access golf courses in the U.S.

The Trail was conceived and designed to elevate the exceptional American public-access courses that are typically just off the various Top 100 lists curated by different golf publications. The Trail’s founders believe that thousands of courses worthy of praise don’t get the attention they deserve, so they devised a way for golfers to discover, play, and share these gems with fellow golf enthusiasts.

A Selection Committee of over 150 PGA teaching pros and industry insiders (Directors of Golf, Course Superintendents, etc.) were asked to nominate the courses they believe deliver a superior all-around experience for golfers of all abilities. Each element that contributes to an “all-time memorable” round were considered: course layout and routing; visual aesthetic; conditioning; staff; practice facilities; and clubhouse and associated amenities. When the nominations were tallied, the top 500 courses emerged, with multiple representatives in all 50 states.

America's Golf Trail is your definitive guide to those 500 courses.